2019 (15th) Sichuan TV Festival Review

Hosted by National Radio and Television Administration and People’s Government of Sichuan Province, organized by Sichuan Radio and TV Bureau and Sichuan Radio and TV, 2019 (15th) Sichuan TV Festival was held in Chengdu from October 30th to November 1st, with the first “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards being held together. The general picture is as follows: 
1.Main Results 

At this Festival, there were multiple main activities and supporting activities held including the First “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards, International Audiovisual Program Market, Smart Broadcast Equipment Exhibition , “Convergence for Big Picture · Integration for the Future” Summit Forum,China Smart Broadcast – 5G-Empowering Broadcast Development Forum , “Recording a New Era International Forum”, Chinese Story International Communication Forum, Forum on “Four Powers” and Tell a Good Story, UHD Audiovisual Technology Industry Development Forum,Awarding Ceremony of “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards & Closing Ceremony and Screening of Gold Panda International Communication Awards Excellent Works.

Relevant leaders of the Publicity Department of the CCCPC, China Media Group and Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan People’s Government attended the opening ceremony of the Festival and supporting activities. Over a thousand of institutions from over 30 countries and regions from all over the world signed up for the festival. Among the near 6,000 guests, about 100 are foreign guests and up to 50,000 person-time from mass participation. The main results are as follows: 

(I) Six themed forums were held successfully and aroused tremendous response.

1. Opening Ceremony & “Convergence for Big Picture · Integration for the Future” Summit Forum was held on the morning of October 30 with over 500 guests from both home and abroad attending. Mr. Yang Xingping, Deputy Governor of Sichuan Province hosted the opening ceremony and Mr. Fan Weiping, deputy director of National Radio and Television Administration, Mr. Yan Xiaoming, Deputy Director of China Media Group, Mr. Gan Lin, member of Standing Committee of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee,Director of Provincial Publicity Department and Mr. Koichi Okumura, Director of ABU Programming delivered speeches. 

Convergence for Big Picture · Integration for the Future” Summit Forum held after the opening ceremony focused closely on the current trend and tide of audio-visual industry. With cross-border convergence as the core, based on topics such as content creation, operation and promotion, industry transition, the forum was hosted by Mr. Zhu Yannan, Director of Development and Research Center of NRTA. Mr. Cui Qiang, CEO and Executive Vice-President of Phoenix TV, Mr. Zhang Wenlin, Vice President of Huawei and President of Corporate Strategy Department, Mr. Liao Xiangzhong, President of the Communication University of China, Mr. Cai Fuqing, Director of Guangdong Radio and Television, Mr. Liu Xi, General Manager of Migu Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. as well as other directors(presidents) , leading figures of the industry and outstanding representatives of new media and the industry were invited to deliver keynote speeches on the current situation and trend of audiovisual industry under the new situation of media transformation and convergence. The forum aimed to create an exemplary and leading platform for forward-thinking concepts, a platform for experience sharing among leading teams, and a high-quality platform for image promotion.

2.China Smart Broadcast – 5G-Empowering Broadcast Development Forum. With “5G empowering smart broadcast” as the theme, Mr. Fan Weiping, Deputy Director of National Radio and Television Administration and Mr. Yang Xingping, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province attended the forum and delivered a speech. Over 300 people including leaders from NRTA and Radio and Television Administrations,Radio and TV stations, Network companies from each province, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, relevant leaders from production, operation companies and persons-in-charge from each city,prefecture, station and network in Sichuan province attended this forum.

Hosted by Mr. Xu Jiaqi, Director of Technology Department of NRTA. Mr. Sun Suchuan, Deputy Director of Technology Department of NRTA, Mr. Liang Xiaotao, General Manager of China Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd, Mr. Zou Feng, President of Academy of Broadcasting Science of NRTA, Mr. Li Zhuo, Director of Radio and TV Administration of Sichuan Province, Mr. Cao Zejun, VP of Huawei China Region and Director-General of Chinese Strategy MKT Department and Mr. Ouyang Feng, Vice President of Cable Television Technology Research Department of ABS, NRTA were invited to the forum as guests. Centering on 5G empowering smart broadcast, the forum aimed to accumulate energy for creating smart broadcast media, developing smart broadcast network and creating excellent smart broadcast ecology through sharing and communication and discussion inside the industry to comprehensively promote the development of smart broadcast in 5G era.

3.Chinese Story International Communication Forum. Based on the entries of “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards, with “Chinese Story · International Communication” as the theme, the forum shared experience regrading such aspects as creations of works, international distribution, publicity and promotion, release, overseas awards and international influence. Mr. Ren Qian, Deputy Chief Editor of CMG and Director of Film and TV Translation Center, Mr. Hu Zhengrong, doctoral advisor, Deputy Chairman of China TV Artists Association and Chief Editor of China Education Network Television, Mr. Tang Shiding, Vice President of CITVC of CMG, Mr. Wu Xuesong, General Manager of Shandong Film and TV Production Co., Ltd, Ms. Zhang Lina, Chief Editor of Youku of Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group and Mr. Dong Haomin, Vice-general Manager of Beijing Discovery Documentary Media Ltd. along with other aspects in international communication field were invited to the forum to deliver a speech on the reflections upon the frontier of international communication. Meanwhile, the forum also invited Ronaldo Lemos, producer of the Brazilian documentary Expresso Futuro, Ms. Li Xiao, Director of Tianma Studio of Tencent Penguin Pictures, Ms. Bi Yuxi, Senior Broadcasting and Planning Manager of Iqiyi Film and TV Program Planning and Research Center, Ms. Mao Yun, Director of Mango TV International Operation, Mr. Cui Chao, President of New Media Business of Huace Group and CEO of Huace Entertainment Technology and Mr. Yang Wenmeng, Person in charge of “2019 The Thousand Miles on the Silk Road” of Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation to hold a round-table meeting. The forum featured high-ranking and influential guests and insightful content design. The creative part of round-table meeting in the forum made the meeting no longer a process of one-way transmission from the guests to the audience. Moreover, on-site interview and communication was added to greatly enhance the participation from the audience. The forum was a success and recognized by the leaders from NRTA. 

4.“Recording a New Era” International Forum. Themed with “Recording a New Era”, the international forum focuses closely on the industry evolution of documentaries in the time of convergence media. By illustrating with cases that refer to the practical situation and collaboration, the forum focused on the theme of “recording the new era” and enhancing international communication capability. Mr. Gao Changli, Director of Publicity Department of NRTA, Ms. Liang Hong, Director of Documentary Channel of CMG,Mr. Jing Shuiqing, Deputy Director of China International Communication Center, Mr. Zhang Yanli, person-in-charge of DocuChina.cn and Secretary-general of Doc China, Mr. Li Yi, Director of Documentary Center of SMG, Mr. Li Bing,Chief Editor of Youku Culture and Entertainment Center, Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group, Ms. Shen Shu, Documentary Director of Heilongjiang Broadcasting Television and Mr. Li Dongkun,President of Beijing Bojing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and producer of the documentary Hexi Corridor discussed the trend of documentary in the new era and new thoughts and new fashion of creation and production of documentary under new situation. The discussion covered such aspects as the interpretation of policies, deep thoughts experience sharing and the command of the trend. The forum was hosted by Mr. Zhao Jie, Standing Vice-chairman and Secretary-General of the Documentary Committee of China Federation of Radio and Television Association. 

5. UHD Audiovisual Technology Industry Development Forum. Based on the development trend of 5G+4K+AI of the industry, the forum focused on the latest development and application of 4K UHD and the innovative practice of media convergence. Well-known experts from broadcasting and media organizations and famous manufacturer representatives were invited to the forum to deliver keynote speeches. The combined form of concentrated symposium and multi-way communication was applied in the forum,which aimed to lift the development ability of TV media of its own and promoting effect of technology and provide useful suggestions and advice for broadcasting and media of the new generation.

6. Forum on “Four Powers” and Tell a Good Story. To implement the deployment of the education and practice of enhancing the “four powers of legs, eyes, brain and writing  ”, the forum focuses on down-to-earth spirit, productivity and aims to facilitate our progress. Themed with “Four Powers” and Tell a Good Story, the forum discussed how to adapt to the new dynamics, new trend and new development of radio and TV in the new age of new media so as to enhance our professionalism by commanding the development rules and enhance our professional proficiency by laying a solid professional foundation as well as accelerating knowledge updating. Seven domestic media practitioners working at the front line shared their interview experience at the forum. Several experts made theoretical discussions on how to enhance the “Four Powers” in broadcasting industry.

Mr. Gao Changli, Director of Publicity Department of NRTA made the conclusion remark. A total of 250 people including the persons-in-charge from radio and TV administrations, TV stations of each province, the trainees of the International Seminar for TV Program Production and Marketing, Radio and TV Bureau directors, chief of the publicity sections, directors of the radio and TV stations as well as head of Editorial Offices’ of each city and prefecture of Sichuan. 

(II) Numerous institutions participated in International Audiovisual Program Market and Smart Broadcast Equipment Exhibition with extinguished and outstanding features.

With “Striving for a New Era” as the theme, International Audiovisual Program Market had an exhibition area of 8800㎡ with “Sichuan Pavilion”, New Drama Project Release Area, “Gold Panda” International Communication Excellent Work Screening Area and special activity area planned with 51 exhibitors including Wasu Media, SG-Culture Media, Trace Vision Media, TDM, Hengdian World Studios, Jiecheng Huashi Wangju and Omnijoi;Among them, “Sichuan Pavilion” was especially set with an area of 2400㎡,where 24 film and TV institutions based in Sichuan set booth including Sichuan Radio and TV, Sichuan Xinhua Distribution Group, Sichuan Changhong, Sichuan Jiuzhou, Sichuan Radio and Television Network Company, Sichuan Telecom, Sichuan Mobile, Sichuan University of Media and Communication. Six display areas including “Preface”, “Content Production”, “High Definition”, “Smart Broadcast”, “New Audiovisual” and “5G Transmission and Coverage” were designed to present the outstanding achievement made by the high-quality and innovative development of Sichuan broadcast, film and TV and network audiovisual industry in an in-depth and comprehensive way. 

International Audiovisual Equipment Exhibition themed with “Vision with Super Definition · Smart Broadcast”, the International Audiovisual Equipment Exhibition centered on the display of new achievement and new results of new audiovisual technologies from both home and abroad. Broadcast Technology Achievement Display Area, Audiovisual New Application and New Industry Display Area, UHD Convergence Media Industry Chain and Industry Park Display Area as well as VR, AR, 5G, AI, big data and other entertainment interaction areas are designed to present the leading technology, the demonstrability and the interaction experience. With an exhibition area of 6900㎡, international and domestic famous manufacturers including Huawei, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, CDV, Dayang Technology Development, New Digital Technology and Glux as well as 54 institutions including Academy of Broadcasting Planning, NRTA, Academy of Broadcasting Science, NRTA and CRTV and so on set booth.
(III)The First “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards completed successfully.

Launching at the beginning of September, the competition was open to film and TV production institutions from China’s mainland and overseas market (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Film and TV programs and new media works within the four categories of documentary, film, drama and new media that were of Chinese themes, released overseas and generated international communication effect since December 1, 2012 were eligible to submit. As a result, a total of 1005 works from Belgium, Iran,Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the USA, Latvia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, among which, 446 documentaries, 70 films, 132 TV series and 357 new media works. After strict preliminary selection, 533 works were shortlisted with 26 overseas works included. 

Recommended by NRTA and CMG, experts with professional excellence and enjoy an international reputation in culture and art circles were invited to set up a high-standard jury so as to ensure the authority and professionalism of the award. Mr. Chen Baoguo, the famous artist in film and TV performance presided over the final jury, Mr. Zhao Huayong, Honorary Chairman of China TV Artists Association the jury for TV program category and Mr. Gao Feng,Chairman of Academic Committee of Documentary of China TV Artists Association the jury for documentary category. 

By closely focusing on the judgement criteria of “being released oversease”, “of Chinese themes” and “producing extensivce influence”, the judges strictly reviewed the entries. After the preliminary assessment was over and the works to be nominated came out. As number and quality in the film and new media category were not up to the standard of the final assessment, we left the corresponding two categories vacant according to the principle of “putting quality before quantity”. Finally, 15 works and 13 awards (see attached) were selected after in-depth discussion and repeated deliberation. Among them, there were 6 documentaries corresponding to 6 awards, 8 TV series to 8 awards and one for Special Jury Award.
 (IV)  Awarding Ceremony of the First “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards & Closing Ceremony of 2019(the 15th) Sichuan TV Festival. On the evening of November 1, the First “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards & Closing Ceremony of 2019(15th) Sichuan TV Festival was held in Chengdu City Music Hall. Leaders including Mr. Hu Zhanfan, Vice-Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chairman of China Television Artists Association, Mr. Gan Lin, member of Standing Committee of CPC Sichuan provincial Committee, Director of Provincial Publicity Department, Mr. Yang Xingping, vice governor of Sichuan Province, Director of International Communication Bureau of Publicity Department of the CPC, Ms. Ma Li, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of NRTA, Mr. Ren Qian, Deputy Chief Editor of CMG and Director of Film and TV Translation Center and Ms. Liu Meiru, Deputy Director of TV Program Department of NRTA attended the Awarding Ceremony. Several film and TV stars including Mr.Chen Baoguo, Ms. Zhang Kaili, Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Mr. Guo Tao, Ms. Yin Tao,Mr. Li Chengru, Mr. Ren Chong,Mr. Fan Ming, Mr. Gao Yayin, Ms. Huang Xiaolei, Mr. Mao Weining and Mr. Lin Jiangguo and so on attended the red carpet show and the awarding ceremony. Famous singers Mr. Huo Zun and Liao Changyong and the dubbing team of the film Nezha showed up on the awarding ceremony and aroused extensive social attention.

The winners of the first “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards were released on the ceremony. Thirteen grand awards were presented, which fully displayed China’s brand-new image, as accelerating the pace of reform and opening up, promoting the “going global” of Chinese culture and enhancing cultural soft power and international competence. 
Sichuan Satellite TV, Sichuan TV International and Sichuan IPTV, and numerous new media platforms “Sichuan Observation”, “Toutiao”, “Iqiyi”, “Youku”, “Weibo”, “Kuaishou” conducted live broadcast for the awarding ceremony, mainstream official Weibo accounts including People’s Daily, the Beijing News rebroadcast on the websites and verified accounts with numerous followers actively forwarded the posts. During the live streaming, the click volume exceeded tens of millions with over a thousand comments. The organizing committee set up a 70’’ 8K television at the east square of Wide and Narrow Alley in Chengdu, live broadcasting for the citizens and tourist the grand awarding ceremony via the high-tech of 5G+8K. The 8k live television featuring high definition and bright colors attracted a lot of citizens and tourists to stop and watch. 

II. Features and Highlights 

(I)Extinguished theme and main activities and well-secured organization. Sichuan TV Festival has a history of 30 years and 15 festivals have been successfully held. This Festival fell on the 70th anniversary of the foundation of P.R. China. By closely seizing the strategic opportunity faced to the transformation development of radio and TV industry, by clinging to the new trend of media in-depth convergence development, we made deliberate organization and planning, set up special activities, created the highlights of the festival and exhibitions and achieved a complete success. 

(II) Outstanding Sichuan elements. When doing our best to host Sichuan Festival, this national radio and television gathering, we also took full advantage of this opportunity and this platform to present Sichuan’s new image. On the opening ceremony, Tianfu Sichuan,the 4k HD promotional clip creatively produced by Sichuan Radio and TV was shown to the public for the first time, displaying the unique graceful scenery and humanistic charm of Sichuan, the land of abundance. Sichuan Pavilion was especially set up in the International Audiovisual Program Market. The 6 themed display areas planned showed the development advantage of whole industry chain covering equipment manufacturing, content production, transmission and coverage, new technology application and service of Sichuan radio and TV industry. The pavilion also gathered 24 leading institutions and excellent enterprise representatives to set booth and displayed the outstanding achievement made by the high-quality and creative development of Sichuan radio, film and TV and Network audiovisual industry in an in-depth and comprehensive manner. Meanwhile, at the site of program exhibition, new drama release conference of the Sichuan’s latest TV series the Great Three Lines and Dege Plateau? the Most Wonderful Film and TV Introduction were held as a successful presentation, exchange and promotion of Sichuan’s film and TV resource and new dramas to the industry. 


(III) Strong industry atmosphere. According to the requirement of NRTA, TV festivals should also shoulder the responsibility and function of accelerating the development of broadcast industry. On the opening ceremony, National Radio and Television Administration also unveiled “China Internet Audiovisual Industry Base(Chengdu)” and China Ultra HD Application Base (Chengdu). As the awarding guest, Mr. Fan Weiping, Deputy Director of National Radio and Television Administration awarded the two signs to Ms. Jin Jing, Deputy Governor of Chengdu. The awarding of the two bases at the same time symbolizes that Internet audiovisual and UHD innovation and application industry are going to embrace an important period of opportunities to achieve high-quality and creative development. In addition, Sony New Products Global New Products Release, Investment Fair for Chengdu Film and Television Silicon Valley, the events of Radio and Television Satellite Broadcast Management Center of NRTA signing strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan Radio and Television Administration and Sichuan Radio and TV signing strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei were held successively during the Festival, which played an important role in leading and serving the development of broadcast industry.

(IV) Media promotion and high social attention. 

National media had published over 30 key original articles and the major media in Sichuan and Chengdu published about 600. Media from Hong Kong and Macao like Phoenix Satellite Television and Hong Kong Commercial Daily paid high attention to the event and actively reported the Festival. Key transportation points and small and large LED screens in public areas of the main crosses, broadcast trailers and down-count board, which gained great momentum. November 4th, CCTV Morning News reported on the “Gold Panda” Awards with the topic of “Thirteen Awards Announced at the First ‘Gold Panda’ International Communication Awards”.

As for new media, we joined hands with giant internet platforms such as Weibo, Tencent, Toutiao, Tiktok, Kuaishou and so on, popular verified official accounts such as People’s Daily, The Paper, Beijing News, as well as internet celebrities such as Kan Tian Xia (Vista), Si Xiang Ju Jiao (Focus of thoughts) to carry out in-depth and comprehensive report in all directions and at all platforms. With the total volume exceeding 100 million, a new media promotion momentum was built up with verified accounts supporting, media reporting, netizens thumb-up and attention from all aspects. Relevant topics of “2019 Sichuan TV Festival” , “Gold Panda” International Communication Awards have been included in Weibo top search and Real-time Hotspots for 4 times. Interaction volume exceeded a million and among them, the topic “ ‘Gold Panda’ International Communication Awards ” was once as high as the third on the Top Research list, and “2019 Sichuan TV Festival” the sixth; Tianfu Sichuan, the first 4K HD image clip presenting Sanxingdui, Jiuzhaigou and giant panda of Sichuan Province, the Land of Abundance, was forwarded and thumbed-up by official accounts such as People’s Daily and Sichuan Museum and became a real-time hotspot with ten thousands of click rate for the single post.

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