Recreating classic "iconic scenes" non-stop! Don't miss this evening gala at the Sichuan TV Festival.

On the evening of November 23, the TV Music Concert, one of the series events in the 2023 (16th) Sichuan TV Festival, unfolded with warmth at the S1 Studio of Sichuan Radio and Television. Themed "“Light and Shadow - The Years Sing”," the gala centered around musical performances and featured interludes with renowned broadcasting artists' recitations and young actors' singing.



Entertainment figures such as Sha Baoliang, Zhang Kaili, Chen Derong, Dai Rao, Ouyang Fenqiang, Yu Xiaotong, Xu Kaicheng, Fan Shiqi, Zhao Yihuan, Zhao Zhaoyi, Ji Guanlin, and others made appearances at the gala.



Reliving the years, recreating classic drama "iconic scenes."


This event featured a total of 20 artists forming six performance groups, presenting a total of 13 performances. "Sprinkling Love on Earth," the theme song of the Sichuan TV Festival, was re-arranged and performed by singer Sha Baoliang.


Ouyang Fenqiang, the performer of Jia Baoyu in the TV series "Dream of the Red Chamber," Zhang Hailing, the voice actor for Lin Daiyu, and Yu Xiaotong, who played Jia Baoyu in the new version of "Dream of the Red Chamber," performed together. Voice actor Ji Guanlin recreated different character scenes from the dramas "The King's Avatar" and "Legend of Mi Yue." Wu Junquan also provided live dubbing performances for various characters from the TV series "War and Peace Over Peking."


Young actors Fan Shiqi, Xu Kaicheng, Zhao Yihuan, and Zhao Zhaoyi sang together, while Zhang Kaili performed the song "Desire" again. China Golden Bell Award-winning singer Zhang Yu performed a segment of the theme song "Wang Ning Mei." Singer Shuzi interpreted the insert song "The Love of Girls" from the TV series "Journey to the West," and the renowned young tenor Gu Wenmeng sang the theme song "Rolling Yangtze River Flows East" from the TV series "Romance of the Three Kingdoms."



This gala was hosted by presenters Li Dan, Yang Lin, Chen Jingjing, and Liu Yuan from Sichuan Radio and Television, guiding everyone to relive the years and pay tribute to the classics.



Accompanied by light and shadow, experience the imprints of the era

Sixty-five years ago, the broadcast of the first television signal marked the beginning of China's television industry. In the 65 years of Chinese television history, there have been numerous classic works that have celebrated the spirit of the nation through stories and showcased a beautiful life on the screen.



During the live gala, singer Dai Rao presented the theme song "Stories Are Just Stories" from the TV series "Prime Minister Liu Luoguo," while actress Chen Derong sang the titular theme song from her classic representation "Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain." The Chengdu “Zhi Geng” Chamber Choir performed a medley of songs, including "Hard to Read Scriptures," "A Man Should Be Self-Reliant," "Iron-Blooded Heart," and "You Are Always the Best in the World," allowing the audience to feel the martial arts stories in the shadows of knives and swords.

Additionally, more than 20 segments from classic TV dramas were showcased, including scenes from "Desire," "Tales of the Yangtze River," "China’s Mega Projects," "A Bite of China," "Aerial China," "Eternal Love," and "The Return of the Condor Hero."



How about it? Doesn't this nostalgic and emotionally charged audio-visual feast something you shouldn’t miss? On the evening of November 24th at 8:20, Sichuan TV will broadcast the 2023 (16th) Sichuan TV Festival Music Gala. Let's revisit the classics together!




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Recreating classic "iconic scenes" non-stop! Don't miss this evening gala at the Sichuan TV Festival.
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The 16th Sichuan TV Festival 2023
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