Seminar for High Quality Development of Media Ads | Heartfelt or "Brainwashing"? This Forum Reveals the Winners in the Advertising Industry

On November 24th, the Seminar for High Quality Development of Media Ads was held at Sichuan Radio and Television Station. Representatives from relevant departments, universities from within and outside the province, and industry experts gathered to focus on innovative business models in media convergence. They explored new practices and experiences to enhance media convergence marketing skills and professional levels.



In recent years, public service advertisements focusing on themes such as cultural inheritance, national confidence, epidemic prevention and control, and rural revitalization have been particularly favored. Zhang Guohua, President of the China Advertising Association and Global Vice President of the International Advertising Association, pointed out that public service advertisements must draw from the concerns of the times and people's lives to truly resonate with the public, conveying truth, beauty, love, and kindness.



Heartfelt advertisements make us remember emotions, while "brainwashing" advertisements make us remember selling points. Zhang Dianyuan, Secretary-General of the National Cultural Innovation Research Center at Fudan University, and Yang Xiaohong, Director of the Creative Industry Research Institute at Sichuan University and Professor in the School of Literature and Journalism at Sichuan University, showcased new trends in commercial advertising in recent years. "I believe everyone can refer more to the communication paths and methods of the outstanding advertisements in recent years. Their unique approaches leave a lasting impression on consumers, and catchy slogans play a driving role in brand communication," said Zhang Dianyuan.    



Additionally, Yue Xueyuan, Editor-in-chief of Sichuan Radio and Television Station and CEO of Sichuan Observation, introduced the growth journey of Sichuan Observation.



The seminar also held the launch ceremony of the Blue Book on the Development Trends of the Sichuan Radio and Television Advertising Market. The Blue Book will focus on analyzing the development trends of the radio and television advertising market across the province. It aims to assist the industry in exploring new models of advertising operations that are both legal and compliant, driving the transformation of the operational structure of radio and television stations at all levels in the province and promote the high-quality development of the advertising industry.

Seminar for High Quality Development of Media Ads | Heartfelt or "Brainwashing"? This Forum Reveals the Winners in the Advertising Industry
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