The 16th Sichuan TV Festival 2023

Time does not wait for anyone but passes like flowing water.

After 32 years of hard work and great achievement, Sichuan TV Festival has become one of the most large-scale and influential television events in China.

Let’s bear in mind where we come from and work hand in hand for the new journey.

Shouldering the great responsibility of spreading the excellent traditional Chinese culture, promoting the development of the industry, and boosting the deep integration of the media, the 16th Sichuan TV Festival has returned as scheduled.

The four major sections including brand events, featured events, exhibition and supporting activities will present you all the brilliance.

Opening Ceremony & TV Industry Innovative Development and Ecology Construction Summit Forum, with the theme of “Media Convergence and Force Gathering, Create a Future Based on Intelligence”, will focus on the new patterns and new ecology of the industry, and jointly explore the new direction and new path of the future development of the broadcast industry.

“Light and Shadow - The Years Sing” TV Music Concert, with music as the carrier, will evoke emotional renounce with classic works carrying the characteristics of the times.

Three featured events will explore the development trend of TV drama creation, AIGC audiovisual and audio reading.

Exhibition will focus on the breakthroughs and progress of head enterprises in the field of new technologies.

Four supporting activities will focus on the high-quality development of the industry and building a learning and exchange platform.

Featured by power gathering, fusion and empowerment, led by the times, the Festival aims to provide a platform to exchange ideas and embrace the future.

Let's gather in Chengdu, Sichuan Province to celebrate the gala!

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The 16th Sichuan TV Festival 2023
2021 (16th) Sichuan TV Festival is to be held from November 16th to 18th in Chengdu. This year’s Sichuan TV Festival will follow the ideas of integrity and innovation, to focus on openness, professionalism, interaction, industrialization, internationality and to further enhance the combination of social influence and interaction.