Sichuan News with International Style "China Express Railway" Enters Cinemas


A week later, 2019 Sichuan TV Festival & the First "Gold Panda" International Communication Awards will kick off and now various warm-up activities are taking place. On October 23, the promotion events of Film Screening and Exhibition were held in Emei Town 1958, Emei Film Group, the second stop of such activities. A documentary called New Ties along Silk Road: China-Europe Railway was released.



The documentary is co-produced by China Media Group and Radio Télévision Suisse. The filming team once crossed the Eurasia continent, recording the co-building efforts of the international railway from perspectives of train drivers from different countries and goods examiners. A modern version of the Silk Road is unveiled in front of audience. Such a panorama of the Silk Road deeply impressed the 200 viewers present a lot.



Su Ya, sophomore from Sichuan Film and Television University: The documentary is really thought-provoking and helps broaden my horizons a lot. Documentaries can give us insights into something we never notice in our daily life.



New Ties along Silk Road: China-Europe Railway lasts merely 50 minutes, but many professionals gave it full credit after its release in the national televisions of Switzerland, France, Poland and Spain. It is of a real international style.


Pan Yong, chief planner of Sichuan Television Documentary Center and producer: The international artery winds over 13,000 kilometers. The documentary's producer director connected all individuals and countries involved which requires an excellent control over the whole thing.



Next, other quality works such as Born in ChinaFather and Gangri Tsathang will be unveiled and audience can feast their eyes on them.



Nie Xiaoping, director of Film Screening and Exhibition of "Gold Panda" International Communication AwardsOn October 28, we will release Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in Sichuan University of Media and Communications. The film's hero, Engineer Wang, will also come to see us from Shanhaiguan in order to share stories about the film and the bridge with students.

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