China stories for the world

Since the inaugural International Gold Panda Documentary Festival was held in 2014, as part of the Sichuan TV festival, it has been a great success. We’d like your help to continue to grow the influence of the festival and its impact on creativity and innovation in TV factual programming.


The Sichuan Television office in joint partnership with the China Intercontinental Communication Center is now making a call for entries to producers around the world to a pitching session with the theme: China stories etc.


To help tell Chinese stories suitable for an international audience and to engage the world with China, we encourage the submission of proposals for high quality TV programmes. We would like to encourage emerging producers with potential, to explore and produce quality content on Chinese topics for international broadcasters and a global audience. To this end, the organizing committee will provide a support fund to those proposals that are selected in the competition. Furthermore, industry resources and assistance on the ground in China will be provided to winning entries.

Opening Ceremony for the 16th Sichuan TV Festival and Summit Forum
“Gold Panda” Film and TV Forums
“Gold Panda” Awards Awarding Ceremony & SCTVF Closing Ceremony
The First "Gold Panda" International Communication Awards debuted at the 15th Sichuan TV Festival
The 15th Sichuan TV Festival & The First "Gold Panda" International Communication Awards Kicks Off
2021 (16th) Sichuan TV Festival is to be held from November 16th to 18th in Chengdu. This year’s Sichuan TV Festival will follow the ideas of integrity and innovation, to focus on openness, professionalism, interaction, industrialization, internationality and to further enhance the combination of social influence and interaction.