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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Located just 10km (6miles) away from downtown, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding center has been established for many years and it designated to imitated the pandas' natural habitat in order to offer the best possible environment for rearing and breeding. The necessary facilities for giant pandas have been completed and include a fodder room, sleeping quarters and a medical station. Additionally there is a Giant Panda Museum together with research laboratories and a training center. A great number of plants and as many as ten thousand clumps of bamboos and bushes have been cultivated to provide giant pandas with necessary diet and habitat.

Add:1375 Panda Road, Northern Suburb, Chengdu Sichuan

Opening hours: 7:30-18:00, all year round

Booking hotline: +86-028-83510119

Admission fee: RMB 58 student discount (junior/ senior): 50% off group price

How to get there: Qinglongchang Station of bus 1 / 49 / 53 / 63 / 64 / 69 / 71 / 83, then transfer bus 198 / 87 to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding center

Broad and Narrow Alley

Enlisted in the Chengdu Historical and Cultural Protection Project, Broad and Narrow Alley is composed of broad, narrow and across alleys, among which, there are a lot of traditional courtyards, or Siheyuan. Broad and Narrow Alley is the last preserving part of the old Chengdu. The discovery of the alley has made people realize the value of ?. After its reconstruction, the Broad and Narrow Alley has been reopened to pubic and is now one of the hottest tourist destination in Chengdu.

Add: West of Changshun St., East of Tongren Rd., Qingyang District, Chengdu.

Opening hours: All Day

Admission fee: Free

How to get there: Changshun Station of bus 62 / 70 / 93 /163 / 340.Renming Park Station of Metro 2.

Du Fu' s Thatched Cottage Museum

Located by the Blossom-Bathing Brook, Du Fu Thatched Cottage is well known as the former residence of Du Fu, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty, during his stay in Chengdu. In the winter of the year 759, Du Fu fled into Sichuan to be away from the AnShi Rebellion. He set up a straw-roofed house named Chengdu Thatched Cottage, where he lived for about four years and composed more than 240 poems that are still popular today.

It has a rich collection of 2000 cultural relics and over 30000 volumes of preserving materials, which include the ancient cut blocks photo-offset, hand-written, modern stereotyped copies, and the translation editions over 15 kinds of languages. As you walk around the cottage, you will experience the traditional Chinese culture and literature characterized by Du Fu's poems.

Add: # 37 Tsing Hua Rd., Qingyang District, Chengdu.

Opening hours: 7:30-21:00(Summer), 8:00-18:30 (Winter)

Admission fee: RMB 60 student discount: 50% off

How to get there: Du Fu' s Thatched Cottage Station of bus 35 / 19.


Right next to Wuhou Memorial Temple is Jinli Promenade, a reconstructed trading and folk art street imitating the ancient-style buildings in West Sichuan. The ancient Jinli was one of the oldest and the most commercialized streets in the history of West Shu and had been well known throughout the country in Qin, Han, and Three Kingdoms Periods. With Qin, Han, and Three-kingdom cultures as its soul, the social style of Ming and Qing dynasties as its appearance, the West Sichuan folkways and customs as its body, the new Jinli Promenade, has condensed the essence out of the worldly life in Chengdu: teahouses, inns, restaurants, bars, theatrical stages, handicrafts, local snacks and specialties.

Add: 231 Wuhou Memorial Temple St., Wuhou District, Chengdu.

Opening hours: All Day

Admission fee: Free

How to get there: Wuhou Memorial Temple Station of bus 57 / 901 / 334 / 1 / 55.

Wuhou Memorial Temple

Sited in the south suburb of Chengdu, Wuhou Memorial Temple covers an area of 3.7 hectares. It is dedicated to memorize both Liu Bei (161 - 223), Emperor of the Kingdom of Shu in the Three Kingdoms period (220 - 280), and Zhuge Liang (181 - 234), Prime Minister of the Kingdom. Old cypress trees and classical red walls surrounding it on all sides enhance the beauty of Wuhou Memorial Temple. Wuhou Memorial Temple is well known as the holy land of the Three Kingdoms' Culture.

Add: 231 Wuhou Memorial Temple St., Wuhou District, Chengdu.

Opening hours: 7:30-21:00(Summer), 8:00-18:30 (Winter)

Admission fee: RMB 60

How to get there: Wuhou Memorial Temple Station of bus 57 / 901 / 334 / 1 / 55.


Chengdu is a city of a long history and a rich cultural tradition, and Sichuan cuisine is one of the most important cultural heritages of the city.

One of the most exemplary Sichuan cooking is the Mapo tofu, by using tofu, minced beef, red chili, Chinese prickly ash and other common ingredients. The dish perfectly combines the spicy, salty, numbing and refreshing elements, making it one of the most popular Sichuan dishes all around the world.

Sichuan Specialty

Sichuan Brocade

As one of the important culture heritage and famous traditional technology in our country, Sichuan Brocade placed the top four famous brocades in china, among with ?Yun Brocade?, ?Song Brocade?, and ?Zhuang Brocade?. Sichuan province was one of the first areas to start Sericulture, as the source of Chinese Sericulture, it was called ?The ancient country of Sericulture?. During SHU HAN, the government renamed Chengdu ?Brocade City?, and gave the name of ?Brocade River? to the river that across this city. Early in 1908, it won the golden prize in the Trade Fair of Panama. In 1917, Sichuan Brocade got the international special prize in the Fair of South Asia, and again it won the East Beauty Prize in the World Fair in New York.

Public transport


As the businest civil airport in cental and west China, Shuangliu airport is located in Shuangliu County, 19 kilometers from downtown.


During 6:00 am to 23:00 pm, the starting price of Chengdu taxi is 8 RMB (if you take a taxi of Sagitar 2.0/ 1.4T, it's 9 RMB). The starting price contains two kilometers, after then it is 1.9 RMB / km. For a distance between 10 km to 60 km, it is 2.85 RMB / km. During 23:00 pm to 6:00 am, the starting price is 9 RMB (for a Sagitar 2.0/1.4T, it's 10 RMB), it contains two kilometers, after then 2.2 RMB / km, for distance between 10 km to 60 km, it is 3.3 RMB / km.


Metro Line 1, Line 2, Tianfu Square Station get to Tianfu Square;

Metro Line 2, Line 3, Chunxi Road Station get to Chunxi Road, IFS Plaza and other large shopping centers;

Metro Line 1, Jincheng Plaza Station get to the global center;

Metro Line 1, Century City Station get to the Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center;

Metro Line 3, Gaoshengqiao Station get to Jinli Street (D exit, need to walk 1.4 km);

Metro Line 4, Caotang Road North Station get to Du Fu Caotang;

Metro Line 4, Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys station get to the Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys.

2021 (16th) Sichuan TV Festival is to be held from November 16th to 18th in Chengdu. This year’s Sichuan TV Festival will follow the ideas of integrity and innovation, to focus on openness, professionalism, interaction, industrialization, internationality and to further enhance the combination of social influence and interaction.